Enjoy a More Durable and Waterproof Roof

Find single-ply membrane roofing services in Amsterdam, Steubenville & New Philadelphia, OH

Flat and low-slope roofs are more susceptible to leaks than steep-slope roofs. But that doesn't mean you have to accept a leaky roof. Trident Commercial Roofing can give you a more durable roof with our single-ply membrane roofing services, available in Amsterdam, Steubenville, New Philadelphia, OH and the surrounding area. Talk to our roofing experts today to learn more about our commercial singly-ply roofing services.

Learn about our thorough installation process

Learn about our thorough installation process

A single-ply membrane roofing system needs to be applied perfectly to make sure it's durable, waterproof and energy-efficient. Our team has a thorough installation process that includes:

  • Laying premium thermoplastic membranes onto your roof so they overlap
  • Welding the membranes together
  • Cleaning and rinsing the surface thoroughly
  • Applying a primer, base coat and topcoat

Set up an appointment for our commercial single-ply roofing services right away. And make sure to ask for a free estimate.